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About Trimdadimd Books
This is a small Internet bookstore located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, offering books mainly in the Latvian Language, published both outside of Latvia after the second world war and within. Hence the name Trimdadimd. Requests for particular used Latvian books will be considered. Please feel welcome to contact us.  Both bannerline illustrations are from R. Birzgalis's "Latvju Dainas", 1971 edition.
IMPORTANT!  When searching for  Latvian materials, please DO NOT USE LATVIAN DIACRITICS, as this search engine does not recognize them and will produce a false negative response if such diacritics are used. UZMANIBU!! Ludzu nelietojiet mikstinajumus vai garumzimes meklejot gramatas, jo sis majaslapas meklesanas programa ar tiem netiek gala. Paldies!
Used Latvian Books. Rare Books. Lietotas Gramatas. Gramatu Antikvariats.